Corrupt USB Drive Recovery Software

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Corrupt USB Drive Data Recovery Software

Imagine you have kept some of your business related files in a USB drive. Next time when you plug-in the USB drive to your personal or work station computer, it says “USB drive not recognized” or “Drive not formatted - format now”. Troubleshooting fails to fix the error. Unfortunately you don’t have even backup of files that you have kept in USB drive. Think how horrible the situation would be?? What happen to the files stored in the USB drive?? You might think that you have permanently lost the data stored in USB drive. Don’t worry, your files are safe in the file system of USB drive, just they are inaccessible. With an undelete USB drive software, you can get back your lost data from corrupt USB drive at your own.

No doubt, most of the users prefer USB drive for digital data transfer and backup purpose, because they are easy to carry, simple to use and compatible with all operating systems. But sometimes corruption of USB drive turns you crazy. It makes you to stop all your work and think about the precious digital data kept in USB drive. In such instances, USB drive recovery application comes handy to get back lost data. Since recovery application retrieves lost files only before overwriting the lost data, as soon as you encounter with corrupt USB drive errors, lookout for USB drive data recovery application without any further delay. It helps you lot to get best results in recovery. Using recovery software, you can also get back lost data from formatted laptop, desktop hard drive, USB flash drives, etc.

USB drive has lot of reasons to get it corrupt. It comes with FAT file system for file manipulation purpose. Whenever it gets corrupt, USB drive goes inaccessible. Following are some of the common reasons for USB drive corruption.

  • Virus infection or malware action
  • Removing USB drive without using proper ejection procedure
  • Accidental computer reboot during file transfer
  • Synchronization errors also lead to corruption of USB drive

Leave the reasons for corruption of USB drive aside, as they are not going to play any important role in recovering lost data. Just think what you did to your USB flash drive after it get corrupt? Have you tried to reinstall the file system? If you did so, it may distant the chances of recovery as it might overwrite the stored files. If you have not done anything to it, then it is well and good. Data recovery tool like best undelete software restores all your lost data efficiently. With their advanced file recovery algorithms, you can retrieve deleted movie files from hard drive, USB drive and portable hard drive. For more information, click here They are designed with simple user interface to simplify the file recovery process. Employing this tool, you will never face complications while recovering lost data from USB drive. It is also useful to quite easily retrieve lost files from iPod after accidental reset and formatting. Download the demo version and follow the simple steps to recover your lost data from USB drive.

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Simple steps to recover corrupt USB drive data:

1: Plug-in the corrupted USB drive and launch the installed undelete software to explore main window as shown in Figure 1. Choose Recover Files option from main menu and then select Recover Lost Files.

Data Recovery from Corrupt USB Drive - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

2: Software lets you specify the drive from where it needs to recover data as shown in Figure 2. Select your corrupt USB drive and click on Next button.

Data Recovery from Corrupt USB Drive - Select USB Drive

Figure 2: Select USB Drive

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3: USB drive scan will be initiated. Upon completion of scanning process, you will get list of recovered files as shown in Figure 3.

Data Recovery from Corrupt USB Drive - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data

4: Evaluate the results obtained using demo version of the software. If you are satisfied with the results, buy the full version to save recovered data.

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