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Undelete External Hard Drive

Do you want to undelete files from external hard drive? If yes, then use best undelete software which can easily undelete files from external hard drive. External hard drive data may get deleted due to virus attacks, file system error and accidentally deleting etc. Don’t worry!! However, your data deleted from external hard drive which can be easily restored them back using best undelete software. This is an advanced tool which is designed to undelete all file formats from external drive with utmost ease. It is capable of undeleting more than 300 file types including video, music, documents etc. from external hard drive. You can use tool to get back lost data from accidentally formatted laptop   on both Windows and Mac OS. Moreover, it is designed with effective built-in algorithms which helps in deep scanning of drive and enable you to restore data from external hard drive easily. To know more details, click here http://www.bestundeletesoftware.com/.

Various reasons behind loss of data from external hard drive:

  • Accidental deletion: Suppose you don’t enough space in hard disk, then you decide to delete unwanted files. But you may delete crucial files accidentally instead of deleting unwanted files from external hard drive which results in loss data.
  • Virus attacks: This is chief reason behind deletion of data from external drive. When you connect external hard drive to virus infected PC or laptop, data may delete due to virus threats results in loss of data.
  • Third party utility: Suppose when you connect external hard drive to PC which prompt for scanning in order to avoid virus threats using third party utility like antivirus which delete files in case your data is stored on hard drive is infected by virus.
  • Interrupting while data transferring: If there is any interruption while transferring data from PC to external drive or vice versa which results in loss of data which is being transferred. To know details regarding restoration of data from formatted laptop, click here http://www.bestundeletesoftware.com/get-back-data-from-accidentally-formatted-laptop.html.

No matter how your data is deleted from external hard drive, you can easily restore deleted data using best undelete software. This software restore data from external hard drive after deletion due to virus attacks, file system error, third party utility, fragmentation error  and interruption in data transferring etc. It supports different types of external hard drive types such as SCSI, IDE and SATA etc.  You can use this tool to carry out data recovery from corrupt USB drive, hard drive, memory card and other storage devices etc. In addition, this tool facilitates you restore data which is accidentally deleted by pressing shift + delete combination key on Windows and supports data recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file system on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc. 

This advanced software supports deleted files recovery from Windows 8 hard drive and from the hard drives used on all other latest versions of Windows 8 operating systems. If anyone would like to restore your crucial data from external hard drive then use this tool.  Before buying this tool, you can check efficiency of this tool by using demo version which is freely available in websites. But in demo version, saving of recovered files option is not available. If you satisfied with demo version then purchase full version so that you can save recovered files to any storage media. For detailed information about how to get back files deleted using shift delete on Windows of different versions such as Windows XP, 7, 2000, 2003, 2007, etc. To know more, click here http://www.bestundeletesoftware.com/recovering-files-deleted-using-shift-delete.html.

Steps to undelete external hard drive:

Step 1: Download Best Undelete Software and install on PC successfully. Make sure that you have connected external hard drive to PC properly or not. Then run the software, select "Recover Files" option from welcome screen as shown in figure 1.

Undelete External Hard Drive - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Choose "Recover Deleted Files" option from next screen shot as shown in figure 2.

Undelete External Hard Drive - Select USB Drive

Figure 2: Select USB Drive

Step 3: Software lists hard drive available, you choose appropriate external hard disk and click on "Next" button to initialize scanning process as shown in figure 3.

Undelete External Hard Drive - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data

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